Thanking My Lucky Stars

These are what I intended to do for this week:

  1. Detect multiple wrists
  2. Light up associated points only
  3. Add text instructions.

I’m still not able to get it to detect multiple wrists but I managed to find a way to combine #2 and #3, which are mostly the signifiers of the experience. This is all due to a couple of resources on Github that I found (Thank God!). These not only helped me get closer to a more complete experience, and also a more visually appealing one.

I was honestly getting a little bit panicky because of how amateurish it looked, but the new resources I found significantly helped me in this aspect.

From this:

dot turns blue

To this:

It’s not very obvious in the gif, but there’s a subtle particle pattern going on in the background. The buttons become the signifier and also the instructions that initiate the experience.

My only concern is how, now, it becomes less of a collaborative experience. But now that the core experience and visuals are close, I think I’d be able to figure that out quickly.

Next week, I plan to:

  1. Finalize everything
  2. Figure a way to make it more collaborative
  3. Detect multiple wrists


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