Make, make, make

– What did you plan to do?
– What did you actually do?
– Brief description of the activities
– Links to (or images of) what you created (include photos, notes, sketches, working docs and deliverables…whatever you created. Document both the output AND the process.)

The answer to the above question for this week is all the same: Code.

Now that I have a clearer view of how I wanted the experience to be (based on last week’s scrappy user testing), this week was all about making/coding.

The journey looks roughly like this:

  1. Instructions and dots (as signifiers) on screens
  2. Person hovers wrist over dot(s)
  3. Information about constellation appears

Turns out, it’s a lot harder to do this.

I first started with a grid of sorts, and the green point is a trigger point. So if someone hovers over that point, something happens/changes. However, this approach was a lot more complicated than I needed to be.

dotgrid and posenet.gif

So, with the advice of J.D, I made something much simpler (below).

dot turns blue

The dots already laid out in the order of constellation, and when a person hovers, information appears.

I got the main interaction working (hover > change something), but it currently only detects 1 set of wrists, and all the points change colors when hovered. What I want is for only the associated points to change color (not all of them).

For next week, I hope to get the code working so that it can:

  1. Detect multiple wrists
  2. Light up associated points only
  3. Add text instructions.

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