Scrappy is Key!

This week, I wanted to focus on getting the instructions and journey right. I started really scrappy, with paper pasted on the wall as instructions.

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 11.00.16 PM

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 11.00.01 PMScreen Shot 2019-11-16 at 11.00.08 PM

Even though I was able to gather valuable feedback, I quickly learned that I needed to get the code working in order to understand if these set of instructions really worked, and whether or not it’s low in learnability.

Initially I had wanted to start the experience by prompting people to do an action first (raise their hands up). But through this quick and scrappy testing, people told me that they wouldn’t be willing to do such a big action in a public space, and for an unknowable experience.

I found that I had to balance between giving people enough information, but also keep them in suspense, and reward them with a mini sense of wonder at the end.

Below is an outline of how it iterated.


I was stuck on the code, and getting it to work because I was exploring different technologies (p5, processing, Kinect, etc). And I got frustrated because it couldn’t and I still needed to figure out my instructions. So, I decided to pause on that and just focused on nailing the core interactions. Which worked so much better (for the work and for my soul, lol).

I, however, managed to build a scrappy MVP. This detects if my left wrist is higher than my nose. If it is, then the word ‘Leo’ appears.


Next time, I would definitely not start on the code first before I nailed the core interactions. Next week, I plan on finishing up the code (functionality, not aesthetics) so I’m able to test again and get higher-fidelity feedback.

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